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A vetted community for corporate


An invite only membership 

& war-stories

Sharpen your EDGE

in-person events in London

We are a community of ambitious corporate changemakers coming together to share war stories, push the boundaries of current thinking and support each other with new solutions to make change happen in a corporate environment.

Members get exclusive access to a hand-picked community of like-minded individuals and invites to our high-energy,
in-person workshops.

Our founding members have launched offers for...

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We're for you if...

… you know that leaving your mark within a corporate environment is its own challenge. 

… you love ‘connecting’ with peers but hate ‘networking’.

… your intellectually curiosity pushes you to look for new answers.  

… you’re fed up with innovation being ‘all on you!’ 

This isn't about...

… pitching or being pitched at. This is about candidly sharing roadblocks and workshopping solutions, not padding your pipeline. 

… commercialising ideas or raising funds. Answers to questions raised by other members should be volunteered on a non-commercial basis.  

… ego boosts. We wouldn’t dream of taking on LinkedIn when it comes to humble bragging (or just bragging really).  

… finding your next job or poaching talent… it may end that way, but it won’t be by design.  

A travelling clubhouse


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